Whether they are big or small challenges, and yes, even disasters Leslie can solve all of your design and color contemplations. On site or online services available.

Design Services

Sometimes a fresh eye and good design advice are all you need to help you with a project. Leslie makes decorating your home fun and interactive. The process can be done quickly or over time depending on your timeframe and budget. Leslie can start with a blank slate or work with your existing furnishings. Whether you are looking to remodel or create an entirely new space Leslie has ideas that will work for you. Her designs aim to capture your lifestyle needs, personal style and desires. Don’t know what, “your style,” is; Leslie’s experience and knowledge and training of design, current trends and color will help you find, “your perfect style!”

Exterior Paint Consultation

Painting the exterior of your home or business is a big expense and commitment. Selecting great color combinations and quality paint is a real challenge. Leslie’s extensive paint industry background uniquely enables her to design your color palette, explain the best paint, finishes, and application for your home or business. Special concern and attention are addressed for the architectural integrity of the home and/or building. Your personal color palette will have paint manufacturer, color name, number and finish. It’s the client’s responsibility to gather the color samples and do the testing, which is always recommended. Leslie will explain how to sample the colors for you to envision the finished palette.

Interior Paint Consultation

Paint is the most affordable way to give your home/room an update, but, often the challenging part is selecting the perfect paint color and then making sure that all the rooms in your home have seamless color rhythm. Leslie will create a written color palette providing you with a color plan for each room. The paint manufacturer, color name, number and paint finish are all provided as part of your consultation. Leslie will explain how to sample the paint colors so that you can envision them in your home

Personal Shopping

Let the color expert help you put color and style into your life. Many want a new style and color in their life yet they are intimidated by how best to go about executing a plan. Whether in your home or your wardrobe Leslie can help find, “your style!”

Online Consultation

Too far away or don’t feel the need for an on site consultation? Leslie will give you a design or consultation online via email just for your project.